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This project serves as the best assistance for government in the engagement of helping business to response the sustainable development trend.

This project, with the base of ISO 9001/14001, uses the necessary management and technique tools, such as Design for Environment (DfE), Green Supply Chain (GSC), Environmental Cost Accounting, and other advanced technologies and instruments.

In this project, business that are committed to the effort of sustainable development are selected to involve the provision of assistance through a public recruiting process for the purpose of expanding the benefits of promulgation and promotion.

The goals of this project are to enhance the green competitiveness of Taiwan industries, widely promote the works of industrial sustainable development, optimize the overall industrial production, uplift the productivity, lower production cost, and effectively facilitate the reasonable resource allocation and assist business building up the necessary system of sustainable development for their own needs.

The approaches of this project include collecting the related international protocols and information on industrial sustainable development, hosting symposiums and discussion meetings, issuing periodicals and setting up the web site to promote and promulgate industrial sustainable development, strengthening the build up the concept of industrial sustainable development, providing exchange platform for the information of industrial sustainable management to foster the capability of industrial sustainable development.
I. Promoting assistance of industrial sustainable development

Design for environment concept and promote - Combine with the efforts of product design experts and provide DfE for   the target products. Works in response to new edition of ISO 14001on the request and assistance of product, activity and service.

Combines supply vendors, build up the industrial green supply chain system. 

Promotion and application of environmental cost accounting. Working on environmental cost analysis and build up the environmental cost accounting systems for each factory.

Assist industrial with the tool - LCA, CP and total cost accounting for sustain development. 
II. Promulgation and promotion of industrial sustainable development

Publishing “Industrial Sustainable Development Bi-monthly Magazine ( No.13 to 18) and 5000 copies of each issue published”. 

Rebuild up the home page entitled “Industrial Sustainable development information network”. This network provides a platform of the results of this project and sharing sustainable development information. 

Publish the English newsletter of “Sustainable Industrial Development Newsletter (SIDN)”. 

Host discussion meetings, conferences and display two promulgation films in TV. 

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